Harman, a global leader in lifestyle audio innovations, needed to launch a new division of the brand: In-vehicle technology. This presented a few challenges: 
a) The brand equity was in audio, not automotive 
b) Their role as an ingredient brand is hard to understand 
c) The target was twofold: auto manufacturers and consumers 
So we took Harman’s convoluted proposition (architecting software platforms for connected technology) and put the driver benefits in terms anyone could understand—with the help of Hannibal Buress. 
As a hub for all things Connected by Harman, we developed car.harman.com. Here, viewers could dive deeper into the features and check out a list of car manufacturers that use Harman technology.
There are a lot of automotive features that Harman helps connect. And they're not all that easy to understand. We had Hannibal describe what some of this technology does, in his own words.