It doesn't matter what you tell people. All that matters is how you make them feel. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a sales pitch. They want to be entertained, enlightened, inspired. If I can make a brand a part of that story, I consider that a success.

A brief history
My journey to advertising was far from conventional. Thrice upon a time, I was an editor, a journalist, even an animal welfare officer. Crazy, right? But as a CD, I cut my teeth at a healthcare agency before moving to traditional agencies to help multi-million-dollar retained accounts expand their brand’s global reach. And as a freelancer, I’ve tackled all kinds of challenges, like helping CPGs have a bigger impact IRL and making blockchain startups more digestible to the uninitiated.

The current state of affairs
I divide my time between the Catskill mountains and the New York Metropolitan area. It gives me the space and freedom to do the things that all weirdos need to do: be creatively expressive. That may mean painting, woodworking, cartooning or learning to weld (still working on this one). I guess it’s like John Baldessari said, I feel like I cannot not do art. 
Accompanied by my wife and dog, I can often be found strumming my six-string, plodding through the woods, or otherwise pretending to be John Denver.
See some results of my compulsion to create below.