"We have art in order not to die of the truth." 
-Friedrich Nietzsche 

Here’s my interpretation of Fred’s thought: The truth is powerful. But it needs to be digestible, otherwise it’s overwhelming. This is what I bring to the table when telling brand stories. I try to make the truth engaging.
Because it doesn't matter what you tell people. All that matters is how you make them feel. No one wants to be sold to. They want to be entertained, enlightened, inspired. If I can make a brand a part of that story, I consider that a success. And that concludes my pontification.
A brief history 
My journey to advertising was far from conventional. Sure, I've worked on expansive campaigns for brands with global reach. But before that, I was an editor. And before that, a journalist. And that's not even including my time working as an animal welfare officer in the non-profit world. Crazy, right?
The current state of affairs
I divide my time between the Catskill mountains and the greater New York Metropolitan area. Accompanied by my wife and dog, I can often be found strumming my six-string, plodding through the woods, making something out of something else, or otherwise pretending to be John Denver. 

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